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The Only Complete Approach to Embedded Analytics for Healthcare SaaS

Improved Outcomes.  
Total Data Privacy.

Qrvey is the only solution that has both embedded data visualizations and a multi-tenant data lake designed for advanced healthcare analytics — deployed to your cloud environment for maximum data security. 

Discover how our embedded analytics layer accelerates time to value and allows your customers to create custom dashboards in one system.

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“Qrvey allowed Impexium to go to market quickly and get analytics into the hands of our customers.”

Dadou Jahanbani, Chief Technology Officer, Impexium
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Improve Outcomes and Performance Using Your Data

Qrvey supports many use cases with a security-first approach.

Our embedded analytics solution for healthcare analytics providers enable teams to safely analyze sensitive data, from individual patient records to entire healthcare practice performance all within your SaaS application.

Healthcare Practices

Healthcare Insights for SaaS Software

  • Automations and alerting allow you to stay informed
  • Analyze payer data to find anomalies
  • Combine healthcare data sources to unify reporting tools
Patient Records

Patient Data Analytics Solutions

  • Ingest and analyze FHIR data with Qrvey’s API
  • Enable teams to drill-in to the lowest level of data
  • The best in security as your data stays in place
Clinical Trials

Clinical Analytics Solution Platform

  • Spot trends early with comprehensive automations
  • Analyze trial spend in real-time
  • Connect to AI services for in-depth analysis
Quality of Care

Provide the Best Care Possible

  • Collect real-time patient feedback
  • Analyze outcomes as the data comes in
  • Native automation and alerting to stay current
Payer Analytics

Healthcare Payer Data Analytics Software Solution

  • Integrate an unlimited number of data sources
  • Increase payment rates with real-time visibility
  • Multi-Tenant ready for custom dashboard building

How Qrvey Stacks Up Against Others

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