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The Hidden ROI of Embedded Analytics 

As a SaaS leader, you know that end-user expectations encompass a seamless user experience, easy-to-use self-service analytics, and immediate data response times. 

Delivering these features requires an embedded analytics solution with a different approach. One that includes both the user-facing components and the data management layer to ensure the solution can scale and meet the custom needs of SaaS end customers. 

Read this brief to learn about FOUR areas for cost savings and FOUR monetization opportunities with embedded analytics that SaaS leaders need to know about. 

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“Qrvey allowed Impexium to go to market quickly and get analytics into the hands of our customers.”

Dadou Jahanbani, Chief Technology Officer, Impexium
Read the guide to learn more about FOUR areas for cost savings:
  • Development and engineering
  • Infrastructure
  • Compliance/certification
  • Maintenance/upgrades
FOUR monetization opportunities:
  • Upsell and Account Growth
  • Professional Services
  • Increase LTV and Net Dollar Retention
  • Competitive Differentiation
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