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Pitfalls in Embedding Self-Service Analytics

Avoid Common
Mistakes in Adding Data Visualization
to your Software 

Embedding a third-party component into your application is a big commitment. Choosing to embed the technology of another vendor means intertwining your destinies for the foreseeable future. SaaS providers seeking to embed analytics into their software must choose from a variety of approaches and technologies, each one with significant advantages and disadvantages.

In this eBook, we’ll dive into the most often common pitfalls, and how to avoid them.

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“Qrvey allowed Impexium to go to market quickly and get analytics into the hands of our customers.”

Dadou Jahanbani, Chief Technology Officer, Impexium
We cover these common mistakes and how to avoid them:
  • Not carefully choosing your partners
  • Data access and synchronization
  • Lack of scalability and performance
  • Failure to plan for future growth
  • Inability to adapt to customer-created data
  • Poor security posture
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How Qrvey Stacks Up Against Others

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