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SaaS Pricing and Packaging Strategies to Maximize Revenue 

While SaaS applications have enjoyed years of ongoing growth, the stability of revenue run rates are not guaranteed. The global economy is poised to slow further and, facing an economic downturn, companies are striving to reduce expenses.

In this eBook, we’ll dive further into the recommendations to add functionality and whether or not to charge additional fees. As technology providers ourselves, we recognize how complicated it is to determine what to add and when to consider charging for extra functionality.

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“Qrvey allowed Impexium to go to market quickly and get analytics into the hands of our customers.”

Dadou Jahanbani, Chief Technology Officer, Impexium
Our Advice Includes:
  • Resist the urge to lower your prices
  • Don’t stop ‘selling’ your product
  • Continue to add vital functionality
  • Add value quickly through data visualizations
  • Spread your tentacles by expanding analytics
Ebook - SaaS Pricing and Packaging Strategies to Maximize Revenue

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